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Refugee History: the 1930s crisis and today

Full Policy Paper

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Refugee History: the 1930s crisis and today

Two Page Policy Paper


‘Refugee History: the 1930s crisis and today.’ Our first policy paper. Written by Dr Becky Taylor and Dr Kate Ferguson. Released in collaboration with the London-based human rights NGO Protection Approaches. This paper includes four case studies that draw comparisons between the refugee situation in the 1930s and today. It urges the government to use an evidence-based approach – including historical evidence – to inform future policy regarding reception and resettlement of asylum seekers and refugees. It advises the government to take an international lead in promoting a burden-sharing solution to the current global refugee situation.

This paper was presented to the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Archives and History on 7th December 2017. Free to download, print and distribute.


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